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Who are we?


Catlink Singapore consists of 3 young but highly-driven individuals:

Umar, Hayden and Syakur.  As a small team, each member has multiple roles to play so that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Umar Khidir, born in 1993, is the founder of Catlink Singapore. Have an issue that needs solving? He’s the one to look for. As the “Brains” of the team, Umar is the generator of ideas and solutions to problems we face. He makes important decisions fast and is able to fearlessly execute plans without any hesitations. A natural-born leader, Umar seeks our advice first and then instructs us what to do which we will follow through.

Hayden (Pauline Petrina Tan), born in 1991, overlooks welfare, customer relations, marketing, and social media. Being the oldest member, she takes care of the team ensuring that each member is looked out for. When necessary, she nags to keep the team in check. Although soft-spoken in nature, Hayden is motivated by criticism and is tenacious to a fault. She relays information to the “Brains” as the “Veins” of the operation.

Abdul Syakur, born in 1994, runs operations, logistics, and research and development.  He is the youngest; still, he puts in his all and carries out any tasks that are given to him (by the “Brains”) efficiently and independently.  Wrestling any obstacles that come in his way, Syakur is responsible for keeping the “Body” alive. He functions as the important part of the team – the “Organs”.  Without him, nothing runs smoothly.




In January 2019, Catlink Singapore launched officially after months of visualization and brainstorming sessions. Umar had big ideas waiting to be realized so he recruited Hayden, and later Syakur, to help him draft up a plan to make Catlink Singapore a reality. With Umar’s background knowledge in Visual Effects and Hayden’s passion for Fashion Design, they were able to explore a different type of Design: Catification (a term coined by Jackson Galaxy).

Helping the community cats in Singapore is one of the issues that Catlink Singapore are also aiming to tackle: the lack of proper shelter, the discrimination they face, the cruel assaults that are often fatal, and even the unfair treatment to their feeders.

As such, Umar named the brand “Catlink Singapore” for a reason – to bring the community together.  He envisioned every business, organisation, groups, etc. to be linked up and help one another to keep progressing forward as a whole. “Nobody gets left behind,” and “We are all in this together” are the infamous quotes that come to mind. At the end of the day, everyone in this community have one thing in common- the love for cats. Umar hopes and dreams that everyone would work together in co-operation and harmony, much like how Singapore is harmonious racially and religiously.

In short:

  1. We do wall-mounted Catification.

  2. We aim to help the community cats.

  3. We aim for stronger cohesion among the cat community.

We are a young team, but with youth come endless drive and big ambitions. We strive to bring quality to our work, making our clients happy, and their fur children happy too. We are determined to prove doubters and critics wrong through our combined strengths of our individual capabilities. We have big dreams and aspiring goals of helping community cats.


And to any obstacles that come in our way: we will not be easily reckoned with.




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